So before we get started with knowing more about the darknet. Let’s just take a deep dive into the deep web and see what is it all about the deepweb.

Well, before starting off lets just what Wikipedia has to say about the deep web. Wikipedia saya that any online content that is not a part of the surface web(those that are indexed by search engines) come under the category of Deep Web.

Well,actually speaking majority of the internet is deepweb.Well this fact is quite hard to believe though.

There are many researches and studies going on by various researchers on the deep web. Of which I would like to throw some light on what “UC Berkeley” study made in wayback in the year 2003 showed. Well as part of this study it was discovered that the Deepweb had approximately 91,000 Terra Bytes of data,excluding IM’s and Mails.

And in 2000 , NASA had over 580+TB of Deep Web Data.

So what kind of data is generally seen on the deepweb. Well, speaking about what we have in deepweb, it goes like this:

  • Private Sites without Links.
  • Government released Data.
  • Private online Communication.
  • And much more…


Actually speaking 80-90% of the deepweb is freely accessible. Well, its secondary that most of the data is not optimized for the human use though, as majority of the data found in the deep web is raw data.

And now coming to the dark side of the deepweb, only a part of the deep web is used by anti-social elements.


So now let’s just check out the dark areas of the deepweb.

Well just to tell you folks that don’t ever reveal your real identity here in the darknet and please try to stay alert or else most often it may lead to risking yourself and your computer.


So why is this called the darkweb and what’s in this so called darknet.

Well, the darknet is the underworld of the virtual world, which is indeed a hub of all sorts of anti-social elements.


We have various such elements like:


  • Drug Dealers.
  • Human Traffickers.
  • Whistle Blowers.
  • Copyright Infringers.
  • Assassins.
  • Money Launderers.
  • Forgers.
  • Professional and Amateur Criminals.
  • Professional and Amateur Hackers.
  • Phreakers.
  • Phishers
  • Spammers and Botnets.
  • Mentally Disturbed (more of Pedophilia).


The darknet serves as a safe haven to all these individuals. There are various communities in the dark web that are filled with such individuals from around the globe. We even get to see Black market to get passwords of various hacked surface web portals. And more than that, we do even get to see a market for illegal weapons.

Now let’s just see some of the darknet websites.


A forum for all the hackers, phreakers, phishers, fraudsters ,carders and most of the script kiddies as well. It has got a market place in it as well. And this market place is for almost everything such as Credit Card Information, Password of various Surface Web Sites, etc.


Quick Kill:


Well, what should I say about this. Have you ever just had a thought to kill your boss or your rude spouse or for that matter any of your enemy..? Well, then here’s the solution…:P  A place where you get contract killers .



Stat ID’s and Onion ID:

Well, have you ever wanted to breach into AT&T or any other big firms, but just can’t do that coz they only allow authorized personals. Well, here’s the solution. Get yourself a fake ID of any organization and any designation within no time. Not just that you can even get driver’s license of most of the countries.


A communication site based on various conspiracies, uncensored information and philosophies.

Crime Network:

A place where you could get to know more about how professional you could be at doing crimes and in such a way that you don’t get caught. A place where criminals socialize.


Ever wanted to get more information about a person. Well, here’s the place where you find various DOXes done on various people.

Freedom Of Information Network:

Ever wanted to leak confidential files, but scared of the later consequences. This is the site where you can leak various confidential information anonymously.

oxID Shop:

Drug Addict..? Wanna buy Marijuana or Cocaine. Here’s the place to buy with Bitcoins.


Weeds delivered to your doorstep safely and anonymously.


Well, there are many more sites that are dedicated to various fields. And the best part of the market places is their Safe transactions using Bitcoins.

Well, the Deepweb and Dark net is a thing on which more and more research have to be made on.

I hope this document has brought in a feel of curiosity in knowing more about the Deepweb.

Well, All I would like to say is All the Best with your journey ahead into the “Secret Unknown World”. Hope you enjoy your journey into the DeepWeb.

And lastly, always make sure you stay safe.